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Hair Loss & Receding Line

Hair Loss & Receding Line

Most men start to lose hair around age of 30 and continue to thin off . Hair loss can be hereditary, excessive chemical use ,scalp infection , medications side effect ,or even due to chronic diseases.
Nevertheless some men start to lose their hair as early as 20th.

Regardless the cause or the reason in our center will help to restore your hair your hair by using the new cutting edge technology of the Platelets Rich Plasma ( PRP) hair restoration where it brings your natural high power platelets growth factors to the damaged or sick hair follicles . It’s your own blood centrifuged right in front of you then injected into the area has the hair loss after numbing the scalp with very minor discomfort.No surgery ,no down time most of all no thousand of dollars.

Before and After

Before & After

Treatment Results