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Facial Wrinkles

Facial expressions with continuous muscle movements the face start to have what we call it (mountains and valleys) due to muscle hypertrophy , which in turn gives the wrinkles appearing. Some faces appears angry looking or even sad looking .

In our Clifton cosmetic center we offer the solution with an excellent results and 10-15 minutes Botox injection you can enjoy the real you with beautiful skin and younger looking smile .

Acne removal

Acne is a hormone – related skin disease very common in the teen-age group and it may last to late in life, some of these acnes can turn into a scar and some of them may cause skin deformity, in our center we use the most effective and fastest technique to improve the skin quality and prevent bacterial collection.

We use either chemical peel, Microdermabrasion, laser therapy and light therapy.

If acne scars are present we have laser tool to improve the quality of the skin either ablative or non ablative.

Hair Loss & Receding line

Most men start to lose hair around age of 30 and continue to thin off . Hair loss can be hereditary, excessive chemical use ,scalp infection , medications side effect ,or even due to chronic diseases.
Nevertheless some men start to lose their hair as early as 20th.

Regardless the cause or the reason in our center will help to restore your hair your hair by using the new cutting edge technology of the Platelets Rich Plasma ( PRP) hair restoration where it brings your natural high power platelets growth factors to the damaged or sick hair follicles . It’s your own blood centrifuged right in front of you then injected into the area has the hair loss after numbing the scalp with very minor discomfort.No surgery ,no down time most of all no thousand of dollars.

Laser Hair Removal

Acceptable male hair distribution is perfectly normal and attractive , but hair growth over the back of the neck , upper and lower back or even close the upper face usually unattractive and embarrassment at times our FDA approved Laser machine can help you to get ride of this excessive hair and keep your normal male hair in place .

P. Shot Penile enlargement

By extraction your blood then processed into a special machine we are able to abtain your own plasma which contain rich protein called plateletes rich protein PRP, this PRP has growth factors and protein from your own blood will be injected directly to the penis will help erection, the duration of the erection and will enlarge the size of the penis.

Skin Care
  • Weather changes , UV exposure ,Aging , factors can affect your skin in a different ways color ,appearance, texture or any other changes that make your skin dull looking ,less radiant or even saggy appearance .
    In our center we offer many ways to give you back the glorious appearance of your skin .
  • We offer Xeo Titan procedure where it expose infra-red waves stimulate the collagen forming and skin tightening it’s very safe and painless in less than 20 minutes.
  • Skin genesis with Xeo cool glide hand-piece can get ride of any vessels from the face as seen in Rsacea , old scars or acne.
  • Chemical and non-chemical skin peel with an excellent result and give you instant results could last for few months.
Liquid Face Lift

By age 40-50 Men tend to lose facial fat with saggy skin , dark circle or even bags under the eyes which give the tired and older looking , also temporal wasting gives the face what we call it inverted triangle where younger looking face has the point of the triangle downward , older face has the point of triangle upward. This changes due to partly from temporal muscle wasting.

By using Liquid face lift it’s non surgical ,no scars only in 20 minutes you can defy the gravity and gain 10-15 years younger. Nothing to lose but saggy tired face.

Erectile dysfunction treatment (ED)

By using cutting edge technology called shock waves which produces multiple depth waves into the blood vessels of the penis. These waves in-turn will open the narrow or closed vessels to facilitate and provide stronger and lasting erection.
Treatment usaually twice a week for three weeks, with a total of 6 treatments